they/mew+ mixed asian disabled didhost
nb genderfluid lesbian polyam

ISFP 974 (9w8 7w8 4w5) so/sx true-neutral SLUAI VELF Sanguine-Phlegmatic | Aquarius Sun Gemini Rising + Moon

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Sp.In Honkai Impact 3rd

Hyperfixation Typology + Groovy Mix

Interests Honkai (GGZ + SR), MILGRAM,
Clinic of Horrors, True Crimes, Cats & Dogs + more! my interests change a lot, perhaps I’ll get into your interests in order to fit in

DNI -14/19+, you call doubles “fakes” or reality check your “doubles” + you mass requests because I won’t hesitate to decline your req.

BYF I like interacting than just being mutuals, I may talk too much or too little, I am wide-open talking about Theories, whether it’s supposed to be MILGRAM or True Crimes.

I am diagnosed to have Autism, PTSD with ADHD features + have symptoms of BPD and Psychosis. I may talk about my hallucinations

Fictive of K423, Rika Kawai, Nichika Nanakusa, Asuka Langley Soryu & Ran Mitake
+ MC (Purrfect Tale)

Important media reps. Rozaliya Olenyeva, Prisoner 02, March 7th (HSR), Nagisa Tsukimiyama, Touko Kirigaya + unlisted

twins + headcanons loved, no invals needed!

Hi oomfs say something funny btw I’m public until new year yaay